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Midway 1942 - scenario for Blood Red Skies

 Track and hunt down enemy carrier but be aware of his attack!

This scenario is inspired by Battle of Midway 1942, was designed for Blood Red Skies system. The battle takes place between US Navy and Imperial Japan Navy forces. Each player has the similar force at disposal, which consist of:

- One carrier: it could be model - for example 1/700 scale - or similar, or even some kind of token to represnt floating airfield,
- One squadron (6 models) of dive bombers or torpedo bombers (or mixed) - each aircraft with Pilot's skill of 3
- One squadron of fighters (500pts)

The players agree for time period of war (early,mid, late war), takes proper models and set of cards. If one side have "Numbers" card in set it is recommended to take additional fighters with the lowest experience level (2).

Before the start each player devides (secretly) his Air Force in two groups:

- Assault force: consist of torpedo/dive bombers + some fihters for support

- Defend force: consist of some fighters covering own Carrier against an expected enemy Air Raid.

The scenario consist of sequence of two battles. One when US Navy attacks Janpanese carrier and another when IJN attacks Americans. The battles take place on table a least 4x4 feet. Regular rules for bombers applies except those that bombers/torpedoes can turn

Victory conditions

To win the player has to sink enemy carrier and keep own carrier undamaged. All other results is considered as a draw. 

The battle begins:

Defender player place his carrier anywhere on the table. Then, both players put clouds markers one by one. Once it happen Attacker player place his Offensive force by any (one) table edge (up to 6" from edge). Then Defensive player places his fighter screen no more than 12" of carrier and at least 18" of any enemy plane. The attacker player may decide if he wants to keep his dive/torpedo planes in advantaged level and fighters in disadvantaged or contraty. Defender rolls dice for his fighters advantage level as normal.

Carrier attack:

For carrier attack Quick bombing rules by Graham Blair applies:

- Carriers in scenario considered as Light Carriers (2 Damage Rating) which means it sinks after 2 hits. 2/3 AA points (40-43/44-45) which means that every enemy aircraft just ending his activation in range of 6" from Carrier could be attacked using proper (2-3) number of dices.

- Dive bombers attack in Disadvantage state, drop load buing up to 2" from target and need 3+ to hit. Every "6" means 2 hits.

- Torpedo bombers attack in Disadvantage state, drop load up to 4" from target and need 5+ to hit. "6" means 3 hits.

The battle ends after all Dive/Torpedo bombers drop their load or Carrier is sink. After that, revenge battle could be played. 

Optional Rules:

The players may agree to use some special rules in this scenario (see below):

Where are those carriers?: It wasn't easy to find a carrier on immensity of the ocean. Before the battle begins Attacker roll a dice on a result of 1-2 his offensive (bomber) squadron starts a game with one Boom chit. Probably the planes spent too much time for looking for an enemy. Another result means that they tracked enemy just in time. To increase own chance to track down an enemy, player may decide to convert one of his bombrers into reconnaissainse role. In such case the player find enemy automatically (no roll is required) but attack with one less bomber less.

Be prepared!: To make an efficient and long lasting screen above own carrier it is reasonable to keep only part of fighters in air. The Defender player may decide either to keep in the air only patrol of one plane (when other aircrafts stay ready to take off just when the enemy appears) or whole remaining force waiting above the clouds. In this case Defender figter squadron starts game with two Boom Chits. Otherwise fighters ready on board may join battle when an enemy appears. Taking off fighter (one plane per turn!) is activated after all disadvataged aircrafts finished their action. Then just move a taking off model along the carrier and finish in disadvantige level

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