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Too much for 1/56 - Fiat 508 "Łazik"

I felt a bit confused fitting heroic looking Warlord figures to proper scale Fiat 508 "Łazik" ☺. Now I understand 1/48 supporters for 28mm Bolt Action game.

The most common Polish jeep was used for a liaison, transport, recce purposes. "Łazik" was an additional unit from "Germany Strikes" supplement. Fiat 508 getting transport and Recce capability is very interesting option for Polish army 1939.

"Germany Strikes" suggests that "Łazik" is available only for Black Brigade selector. Therefore, the vehicle was widely used in the Polish army during September Campaign.

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The cheapest tank on Earth

If you need something to support heavy bulks of infantry or cavalry but do not have many points, there is a solution for you: Renault FT17 light tank: 35pts for standard MMG configuration or 62pts for light anti tank gun turret version.

Of course there are some inconveniences connected with usage of this tank. In fact the vehicle is a bit slower than usual tank to be honest ... pitifully slow, but if you accept this, you will have perfect tank. Maybe ... almost perfect, because of one trick: "One man turret" which means morale test each time when shooting during Advance order. For more comfort I would suggest to buy a veteran crew (it is only 7pts more). I belive, this option is really good value for money.

I really like to play Renault FT17 as a support for my Poles. It gives me a lot of fun and let me spend saved points for even more infantry. And last but not least ... I have a real veteran tank in my army 😊

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Vickers Wellington - 305th bomber (Polish) squadron.

305 polish bomber squadron was formed in August 1940 as a fourth polish bomber squadron within RAF. It was initially trainded with somewhat obsolete Fairey Battle light Bombers to be finally reequipped with more valuable Vickers Welington which have been used till autumn 1943. Its first target were the fuel tanks in Rotterdam in 25/26 April 1941. Together with other three polish bomber squadrons 305th took part of bomber offensive against German industry and port infrastructure. In September 1943 it was transferred to 2nd TAF and reequipped temporarily with medium bombers N.A. Mitchells Mk III and finally Mosquitos Mk VI.

Due to its tough construction Wellington Ic in a game of Blood Red Skies has a Robust abillity. Twin MMG  rear turret supported by additional side guns gives Weelington real good firepower from back.

My Wellington models came from Armaments in Miniatures resin range and were decorated with miscmini water decals. For painting I've used Hataka range paints dedicated to RAF .

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Not by Strength, by Guile - my LRDG platoon

I really like motorized platoons. They always look great. After mechanized British infantry full of Bren Carriers I decided to construct LRDG platoon based on Chevy 30CWT gun tracks. Sowing Mayhem selector represents Middle war patrols, abit lighter than the early war one. 

I haven't play it yet but I'm really excited with special capabilities that it gives to the player. High mobility, outmanouvering, dodging and all terrain movement ability give a player impression how did this formation work.


Preparing my LRDG platoon I had a chance to compare vehicles from different suppliers. The full test results are discussed Here.  

Concerning my platoon it is 999 pts strength and consists of 8 vehicles. Most of them are Chevies, different types, supported by two Bentham Jeeps. Infantry component consist of 5 LRDG/SAS teamts. The transport for infantry provides captured ex German Opel Blitz.

All LRDG vehicles have increased Outflanking (Behind the Enemy Lines, Out of the Blue), extreme high manouverability (Hit and Run, Recce), terrain crossing (Deflate those Tyres),  and Fire abilities (Over Gunned).


Command component is realized by two Bentham Jeep armed with single pintle mounted forward facing MMG. Each vehicle is worth 73pts. Except standard LRDG abilies each Bentham is a Command vehicle with command radius of 12",

 My Bentham Jeeps are Rubicon models with added spare Warlord Games figure of gunner. The models - as each Rubicon - is perfect designed and gave me much fun during assebly. 

30CWT Chevy "Volley" Gun Truck

Two of ma Chevies are streghtened by using two twin Vickers K LMG. This gives 20 dices fire strength for per vehicle. Each of Chevy "Volley" gun truck is worth 86pts. and have all LRDG car abilitties.

One of my "Volley" Gun Truck is Warlord's Chevy when another is Rubicon. The Vickers K packs came from Rubicon Jeep sets. The Warlord model has default luggage when Rubicon need to install additional stuff. I possibly add something to this empty looking car.

There was a place for another LRDG Chevy in my platoon, armed a bit lighter with one forward facing and one pintle mounted MMG. The car is worth 66pts.  

The model is another Warlord set equipped with default armament of two Lewis guns. As usual present resin Warlord model ic consist of few main parts and is fair enough during assembly.

The only support weapon (with penetration modifier) in my platoon is Breda 20mm gun on another 30CWT Chevy. The car is worth 84 pts and is armed with rear facing light autocannon and forward facing MMG.

The model is Offensive Miniatures production. I added forward gunner from Warlord set and made no additional conversions yet. This is poor quality model made from white metal. The matrix looks worn out. I would probably haven't decide to buy another next time.

LRDG Transport Truck is almost regular LRDG Chevy (with all LRDG characteristics) worth 64pts AND transport abilities (up to 10 pasangers).

The model is Rubicon 30CWT Chevy with some small additions.

The last vehicle in my LRDG platoon is captured Opel Blitz. This only inexp truck worth 31pts can transport up to 12 pasangers, that is fully covers my needs

The model came from Warlord. It is really nice in assemply.  All LRDG vehicles were painted with Canadian Sand colour overall (one of the LRDG camo pattern).

Infantry component of my platoon is LRDG foot patrol (three soldiers each with different armament) 48pts, LRDG light mortar 51pts, one 5 strength SAS team (99pts) and two 6 strength SAS  teams with mixed weapons (120pts each)

Models are new Warlord Desert Fighter figures with added SAS/LRDG heads.

I hope it will work well on the desert battlefield. I definietly will share my achievements.

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Polish taczanka (tatchanka) wz. 36

Due to lack of enough good roads and budget shortages Polish interwar army based on horse power. One of the smartest solutions for the recce purposes was horse drawn cart equipped with one heavy machine gun Browning wz 30 firing from rear arc.

It is belived that tatchanka was invented in Russia during bolshevik revolution as a fire support weapon for cavalry units. First tatchankas were confiscated horse drawn carts with installed machine gun in the rear. They gave quick support for the cavalry units.

After Polish-Bolshevik war in 1920 the tatchankas were adapted for the Polish army. Poles expand tatchanka purpose and used them as a support weapon in the recce detachements alike in cavalry and infantry units.

In the 1936 the new tatchanka was developed in Poland. It was the best vehicle this kind that was ever made. With low profile, and extremely high maneuverability new model was very efficint on the battlefield in the 1939.

In the Bolt Action tatchanka is not more than a cheap, fast moving, easy to shoot MMG. It have none of its historical references. Thats why - I belive - hardly ever is seen on the Bolt Action tables.

Because Polish Army is one of my Bolt Action armies and armed horse drawn cards were so common in the Polish Army in 1939  I decided to have one regardless of the stats.

Due to lack of Polish look like tatchanka there was a need to design a new model. Fortunately owner of Black Grom Studio - the company developing laser cut HDF models - is the friend of mine since early days. He was so kind that designed for me a model of Polish looking tatchanka wz.36. Thank you Michał!

When the vehicle was done I needed driving gear, a driver and a armament. The horse power and a carter came from Soviet tatchanka set from Warlord Games. Small conversion of the figure wasn't good enough - the driver still have a soviet look (what a shame). The armament came from Polish MMG set by Warlord Games. It is fair enough solution.

The last things to do was a stats: default ones are unaceptable for me, that's why I made home rules for Polish tatchanka wz36, which are as follows:

Polish tatchanka wz 36:
inexp. 40pts, reg. 50pts, vet. 60pts.
Soft skin to hit chance 3+, Just a card: when received 1 pin immedietely another pin is added, Recce: see main rulebook, Hit and Run: see Western Desert rulebook, Off roader: tatchanka wz.36 has ability to move through rough ground (forest and scrubland) with a speed of 6" and one pivot of 90͒.

Szybkie malowanie - LRDG

14 minut na jedną figurkę. Tyle zajęło mi malowanie każdego z ludków LRDG farbami Citadel Contrast. Jak na mój gust ... wstydu nie ma. 
Nie chodzi tu bynajmniej o wyścig ani o precyzyjny pomiar czasu od początku do końca procesu (bo jeszcze conieco trzeba w nich poprawić). Wielu już o tym mówiło, ale ja mogę stanowczo potwierdzić: nowe farby Contrast zrewolucjonizowały malowanie figurek pod względem czasu poświęconego na pomalowanie ludka do standardu zbliżonego do TT. 

Oczywiście nie wszystkie Contrasty są jednakowo dobre (ciemne odcienie, szczególnie Dark Angels Green  - moim zdaniem - nadają się do wyrzucenia, ponadto nie ma wszystkich potrzebnych odcieni) tym niemniej jakościową różnicę dostrzegam. 

Kolor cielisty, który zawsze był dla mnie problemem uzyskuje się jednym prostym maźnięciem (odpowiednio cienkiej warstwy farby). Mundur to z kolei szersze maźnięcie innym kolorem (Skeleton Horde). Moim ulubionym Contrastem jest jednak Apothecary White. Kolor cieni z bieli. Niby szary ale jednak nie do końca, świetnie sprawdził mi się na chustach LRDG. Nic dziwnego, że farby tej nie ma w żadnym sklepie ... z wyjątkiem Graala ;)

Szybkość malowania i obecność białych cieni kusi mnie aby przetestować malowanie Contrastami figurek mass combatowych jak Black Powder. Szczęśliwie zostało mi kilku francuskich fizylierów od Perrych. Gdy się nimi zajmę podzielę się spostrzeżeniami. Tymczasem ... skończę LRDG i afrykański SAS! 

A poniżej efekt końcowy Contrastów na pustyni

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With a ruler to ... Chevy LRDG

In certain circumstances, you have natural chance  to compare similar models made by different producers. Once such situation took place when I completed jeeps for Parachute Recce Squadron, and another chance appreared when I decided to have a LRDG platoon and some Chevies was ordered.

Są takie armie, których budowa sprzyja testowaniu jakości modeli. Sytuacja taka miała miejsce w przypadku selektora powietrznodesantowego dywizjonu rozpoznawczego, gdzie porównywałem modele jeepów różnych dostawców. Drugi raz taka sytuacja ma miejsce przy podejściu do selektora Sowing Mayhem (LRDG) gdzie analogiczny test został przeprowadzone  w odniesieniu do pustynnych Chevroletów.

The test is not comprehensive, I could compare only owned models. Few months ago Warlord put special offer for their LRDG Chevies. Since then I have two resin trucks by Warlord Games, waiting in the bottom of a drower - till now - for their moment.

Test nie jest wyczerpujący, a jego zakres ma w sobie znamiona przypadku. Kilka  miesięcy temu Warlord zaoferował w promocyjnej cenie jeden ze swoich Chevroletów pustynnych. Planując selektor LRDG zaopatrzyłem się w dwa egzemplarze.

Having in mind Sowing Mayhem selector I was looking for a support truck armed with Italian Breda 20mm autocannon. The only producer making such model is Offensive Miniatures Chevy. A week ago Mr Postman brought me a package from Offensive Miniatures.

Myśląc o selektorze Sowing Mayhem szukałem wozu z cięższym uzbrojeniem (20mm armatka BREDA). Jedynym obecnym na rynku dostawcą tego modelu jest firma Offensive Miniatures. Stąd wziął się u mnie model tej firmy.

Few weeks ago there was a premiere of Rubicon LRDG truck. Curiosity and good value for money resulted with two pieces of this model on my shelf.

Kilka tygodni temu miała miejsce premiera modelu Chevroleta firmy Rubicon Models. Ciekawość i dobra oferta cenowa zaowocowały zakupem dwóch egzemplarzy.

First look on each model inspired me to pull out a ruler and compare the them they are so different. Which one could be most proper?  My doubts appreared when I was looking at a general size and - especially - tyres. 

Jako, że na pierwszy rzut oka poszczególne modele różnią się dość znacznie pomyślałem, że do każdego z nich przyłożę suwmiarkę i ... porównam z wartościami oczekiwanymi wynikającymi ze skali. Moje wątpliwości budziły następujące wymiary: szerokość, rozstaw osi i średnica kół i te włąśnie wymiary postanowiłem zestawić.

To make my test I needed a proper reference materials, because my current knowledge about LRDG is rather superficial. Looking for a good, complete  source contain basic informations about this formation, equipment and armamentI found this page which satisfied my needs in 100%.

Jako, że moja wiedza historyczna na temat formacji LRDG jest dość mocno pobieżna, a rozstrzygnięcia wymagało kilka kwestii zacząłem szukać jakiegoś kompletnego i przystępnie podanego źródła. Natknąłem się na stronę gdzie znalazłem wszystkie potrzebne informacje skatalogowane i spójnie podane.

All af tested models are Chevy 1533 X2 variant, that gives sens to comparison.

Wszystkie podlegające porównaniu pojazdy to przystosowane na potrzeby armii Chevrolety WB30 znane jako Chevy 1533 X2. Daje to pewien komfort bo pozwala zobiektywizować porównanie

Wheel base/ szerokość

The most viewable difference between models is width.
Chevy 1533X2 in 1/56 scale should be 38mm wide. All models are not wide enough. The most narrow is Warlord's Chevrolet with 34mm and most accurate Offensive Miniatures.

Najbardziej rzucającą się w oczy różnicą pomiędzy modelami jest ich szerokość. Chcevrolet 1533X2 powinien mieć 38mm szerokości. Każdy z nich jest zbyt wąski. Najwęższy jest model Warlorda, gdzie odchyłka jest na poziomie 8%. Najdokładniejszy pod względem szerokości jest model Offensive Miniatures z odchyłką na poziomie 3%

Rubicon Models

Warlord Games

Offensive Miniatures

Wheel base / Rozstaw osi

Wheel base of Warlord and Rubicon models are perfect matched with an original with value of 61mm. Chevy by Offensive Miniatures is 7% shorter than should be.

Rozstaw osi jest najlepiej odwzorowanym spośród badanych wymiarów. Rubicon i Warlord są na tym wymiarze perfekcyjnie odwzorowane i osiągają 61mm. Model Offensive Miniatures jest w tym wypadku najsłabiej odwzorowany, krótszy o 7%.

Wheel size / wielkość koła

The size of Chevrolet 1533X2 wheel in 1/56 scale is 18mm. The Offensive Miniatures model has the smallest wheels (with 15mm diameter) among all competitors. Thats why this model looks like be low suspended car. The most accurate - but still not perfect - model is once again Rubicon with 17mm wheel.

Koło Chevroleta 1533X2 w skali 1/56 powinna wynosić 18mm. Największą odchyłką od normy pod tym względem charakteryzuje się model Offensive Miniatures (15mm średnica koła). Najdokładniej wykonanym na tym wymiarze - choć wciąż nie perfekcyjnym jest model Rubicona z wielkością koła 17mm.

Offensive Miniatures

Rubicon Models

Warlord Games

Who is the winner? / Kto jest zwycięscą?

The Warlord is visibly too narrow when Offensive looks to be low suspended but which model is the most accurate to Chevrolet 1533X2? There is no perfect model but the closest to original is ... 

Model Warlorda jest w widoczny sposób węższy od pozostałych modeli, natomiast zestaw Offensive Miniatures wygląda jakby miał obniżone zawieszenie. Czy jest zatem model, który w satysfakcjonujący sposób oddaje Chevroleta 1533X2. Jak widać żaden model nie jest perfekcyjny ale najbliżej doskonałości jest ...

Rubicon Models. Of course there is a space for improvement, especially in terms of armamant variants, load and quality of figures but it could be achieved by additional sets like Allied Stowage. Model is highly detailed (as for wargaming one) with great chasis and wheels. Parts match each other perfect (what bocames Rubicon distinction).

Warlord's Chevy strengths are very atractive, natural look (with a full load and dynamic figures). The forms are still in good condition, so the work with a model is rather simple.  

What is good in Offensive Miniatures Chevy? I would say that particular variant (with Breda gun) and good looking - Perry shape - figures. White metal as a material for such big model wasn't - in my opinion - a good idea. 

Rubicon Models. Oczywiście znajdą się w tym modelu pola do poprawy, jak choćby jakość figurek (niestety te obecne wyglądają niezwykle nienaturalnie ze swoimi sztywnymi pozami) wybór wariantów uzbrojenia i czy zapełnienie skrzyni ładunkowej. Tę ostanią bolączkę możemy pokonać zaopatrując się w zestaw Allied stowage pełen różnego rodzaju paczek, skrzynek czy kanistrów świetnie uzupełniających część ładunkową Chevroleta. Części modelu Rubicona są doskonale spasowane, co staje się juz specjlanością firmy. Świetnie wymodelowane jest podwozie z doskonałym oddaniem rzeźby bieżnika kół.

Mocne strony modelu Warlorda to atrakcyjny, naturalny wygląd ( ze wzgledu na mocno załadowaną skrzynię) i dość dynamiczne pozy figurek. Formy modelu Warlorda jak dotąd (sierpień 2019) są jeszcze dobrej jakości i montaż modelu jest stosunkowo prosty.

Co dobrego można powiedzieć o modelu Offensive Miniatures? Cóż, najlepszą jego cechę jest to, że istnieje w tej właśnie wersji uwzbrojenia (20mm działko Breda). Całkiem przyzwoicie wyglądają również podobne do modeli Perrych figurki. White metal jako materiał dla tak dużego modelu jak Chevroler nie był chyba najlepszym pomysłem. Istnieje niestety spore ryzyko uszkodzenia.

Soon I'll share my work on each tested LRDG chevies. Et's keep in touch ;)

Wkrótce podzielę się wynikami mojej pracy nad wszystkimi testowanymi modelami Chevroletów LRDG. Bądźmy w kontakcie ;)