piątek, 16 sierpnia 2019

Vickers Wellington - 305th bomber (Polish) squadron.

305 polish bomber squadron was formed in August 1940 as a fourth polish bomber squadron within RAF. It was initially trainded with somewhat obsolete Fairey Battle light Bombers to be finally reequipped with more valuable Vickers Welington which have been used till autumn 1943. Its first target were the fuel tanks in Rotterdam in 25/26 April 1941. Together with other three polish bomber squadrons 305th took part of bomber offensive against German industry and port infrastructure. In September 1943 it was transferred to 2nd TAF and reequipped temporarily with medium bombers N.A. Mitchells Mk III and finally Mosquitos Mk VI.

Due to its tough construction Wellington Ic in a game of Blood Red Skies has a Robust abillity. Twin MMG  rear turret supported by additional side guns gives Weelington real good firepower from back.

My Wellington models came from Armaments in Miniatures resin range and were decorated with miscmini water decals. For painting I've used Hataka range paints dedicated to RAF .

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  1. Świetne masz te samoloty, aż by człowiek pograł, ale nie ma z kim :(

  2. A dziękuję. Mnie się natomiast marzy połączenie świata Bolt Action i Blood Red Skies. I kiedyś zrobię event, na którym wsparcie lotnicze dla walczących oddziałów lądowych będzie warunkowane wynikiem starcia na oddzielnym - powietrznym - stole.