sobota, 15 czerwca 2019

Czas na plażę!

Jak na mój gust maty Deep Cut Studio to Rolls Royce wśród mat do grania. Korzystając z oferty na darmową dostawę postanowiłem zaopatrzyć się w nową matę od tego producenta. Wybór był prosty: 75 rocznica Normandii, scenariusze na Nowej Gwinei przede mną: czas na plażę.

Wybrałem wariant 72x48 cali (wybór oczywisty do Bolt Action) na podłożu PCV. Grałem wcześniej na matach PCV i trochę się bałem, przede wszystkim lekkiego połysku jaki daje i odorku jaki z siebie wydziela.

Alternatywą jest mata na podłużu mousepad, ma idealnie matową powierzchnię i świetnie leży na stole. Ma jednak trzy poważne wady: jest niezwykle ciężka, zajmuje więcej miejsca i przede wszystkim jest droga. Tym razem wybrałem zatem rozwiązanie budżetowe. Czy dobrze?

 Do tej pory miałem jedną matę DCS przeznaczoną do Blood Red Skies, któa była obłędna. Jakość druku, dawał wrażenie trójwymiarowości obrazu. Czy w przypadku plaży także się sprawdzi?

W mojej opinii produkt DCS na PCV to dobry kompromis. Mata jest cieniutka, leciutka i ma charakteryzuje się doskonałą - w mojej opinii - jakością druku. Cena jest nadal dwukrotnie wyższa niż produkt konkurencyjny ( jednak odbiega znacząco pod względem jakości.

Podłoże PCV nie jest idealne: ma tendencje do zwijania się i nieco błyszczy jednak nie jest to na tyle widoczne aby raziło oczy.

Midway (transport) case

After Midway battle we have played 7th of June I found that efficient transport of such many models (36 airplanes, 2 carriers and some support) is absolutely necessery. There was a dabate on BRS group how to keep and transport models. Today I'd like to share with you  with my idea.
One day I came acreoss an advertiment of Jula store on Facebook (0,1% of them are useful) with special offer for safe cases designed to powertools.

Inside the box I found some default raster foam which wasn't accurate enough for my purposes but inspired me to go a bit different way. We have in Poland producer of wargames stuff called Safe&sound. The company produce boxes filled with raster foams run with differend sizes and collections. Some of them fit quite well to Hard Head box (394x267x25mm) and - what is most important - to the BRS models.

It was a good deal. All my fleets (Japaneese and US): with two carriers (+support) and 36 airplanes fit in perfectly to a Hard Head box.

I'm really happy with my finding and I'm going to keep all my BRS fleet in the S&S foams and transport them to the battle in Hard Head box. The load off my mind at least.

poniedziałek, 10 czerwca 2019

Midway 77th anniversary - battle report

On June the 7th we celabrate 77th anniversary of Midway battle. We were basing on "Flat Tops in a Blood Red Sky Bath Tub" scenario. US Navy with USS Enterprise faced Japan Imperial Fleet with IJN Zuikaku.
Each side had at disposal 6 plane flight of fighters (F4F Wildcat vs. A6M2 Zero), 6 plane flight of recce/bombers (Dauntless Aichi Val) and 6 plane flight of torpedo bombers (Davastators vs Kates).

Each side consist of 3 determined commanders started with strategy thinking:
How to divide a force for defensive and offensive duties? How to deal with on-board logistics? How to localize enemy first?

As Americans we decided to bet on balanced strategy. Our plan was to have permanent cover of our carrier, each turn two bombers to be send for recce duties to localize Japanese. Torpedo bombers were on-ready waiting for orders to run. That was the plan

First turn wasn't succesful for us. None of our planes found an enemy. Unfortunately above our fleet a Japaneese plane appeared. Two Wildcats were sent for interception. Enemy did evasive actions between the clouds. Poorly trained american pilots haven't engage Japaneese. Our position was confirmed and we expect a bombing run next hour

Being desperate we sent all available dive bombers next hour for recon mission. Unluckily none of them found enemy carrier. Pair of fighters cover USS Enterprise when the previous one Returned to Base and next one was on ready for duty. Meanwhile the sky above our carrier was clear. Enemy never appeared.

Next hour passed. Two of our recce airplanes just landed when other four were Ruturned to Base. There was none more to send searching enemy carrier. Two Wildcats took off to cover flying base
 when finally enemy airraid appeared.

First wave consist of 6 Kate's supported by a flight of Zero's. Two Wildcats tried to brak through to bombers but Japaneese fighters efficiently engaged US fighters. One of them fell in flames to the ocean.

The way to our carrier was open. Japaneese bombers one by one started their attack run. US flak set up a wall of fire. Half of enemy bombers were lost. Three others released their duty. One of torpedoes reached the target.

While torpedo bombers faded away the second attack was carried out. Japaneese bombers dive precisely into the target. Another hit was scored. USS Enterprise was badly damaged but could still operate.

Fortunately the main deck was operational. Firefighters put out the fire just in time to take returning recce planes.

Having some time to second Japaneese attack we send away just prepared recce units and after a while one of them reported the contact. Enemy carrier IJN Zuikaku was temporarily unarmed, so Dauntless returned to base safely. Meanwhile Devastators and Dauntlesses were elevated on deck and placed on start position.

US air force was released for identified enemy. Zuikaku was uncovered still. Our Wildcats straffed over the deck to overpower enemy flak. Then our bombers one by one released their duty. Two torpedoes reach the target and exploded in the Zuikaku's side. Enemy carrier was badly damaged but haven't sink yet. There was a chance to finished her when the second wave of attack appeared. Unfortunately Mc' Clusky's boys didn't do right. None of the bombs reached the target. Zuikaku was still operational and just preparing planes for the next strike.

Our strike force was returning to base, one of fighters stood on deck when two other were readied in hangar. The sky over USS Enterprise was empty.

Our strike force just landed and single Wildcat was sent to the air when the Japaneese appeared. Two more fighters that shoud be available just broke down. Single Wildcat came to engage the enemy. Unfortunately Japaneese fighters swept away our defence and enemy gain an open gate to US carrier. First wave consist of 3 torpedo bombers did not succeed. Our spirit rose again. But then a second wave appeared. Three dive bombers fell from the sky and each of them place the bomb direct in target. There was no more hope for USS Enterprise. She sank quickly. HMAS Vampire rescued as many personel as could. Japaneese were triumphed, but we will get them soon!

wtorek, 4 czerwca 2019

How did I paint my P51D for Blood Red Skies?

At the end of second world war there was more important to increase aircraft performance in the air then efficiently hide them on the ground. Camouflage - especially on US planes - dissapeares to uncover raw duraluminium surfaces.

Being interested rather in collecting Polish Air Force aircrafts I kept models of US planes in the bottom on my "to do pile". Once upon a time, encouraged by initiative on Facebook group I decided to lower this pile by few quick wins.

One of my choices was squadron of 6 camoless P51D. Having very nice checkboard markings of 78th FS by miscmini i started my work. Till now I usually undercoated my models with white. It helped me to put basecoat with camo easily. The challange was to make properly panel lines. I haven't mastered any postshading technique yet: nor wholesurface washing, nor filling lines with a wash. Thats why this time I decided to try preshading technique.

Whole dark blue models I painted with Panzergrau (dark grey) spray by Vallejo. This paint, good covering with matt finish was a well undercoat for  base colour. Next stage was to put main silver colour on whole models. I decided to use Citadel Runegang steel paint. This very  dense paint helped me to have quick drybrush with silver base and darker panel lines. The lines are a bit too wide for my comfort, so probably using preshading technique on Warlord models I'll use ligher grey undercoat to decrease conrast.

Next I put complementary base colours: Dark blue canopies, black fin, Olive drab engine up-cover, Rusty exhausts and white/black nose.

The toughest and most important issue is placing checkboard decals on the engine cover. Miscmini set consist of three checkboard elements per model: one on upper surface and left +right underneath. The challange is that all pictures on miscmini sheet are on the same film, so before applying we should separate each of them very precisely. To do so, we need really sharp knife (I'm using OLFA AK4 Hobby knife with KB4S blade. In my opinion it is optimal tool for such duty: very sharp and really efficient).

Most tricky place is around the exhausts. We need to crop this element really precisely. Fortunately miscmini set is optimised in terms of dimensions and shape to the Warlord models (be aware to order proper set).

Although on metallic surface decals would be set quite good it is always good to use decal solvents. I'm using Microscale Set (under decals) and Micro Sol to soften them after setting. To set decals properly I use a flat brush to transport element from water to model and cotton swabs to subtract excess of water. After applying I usually press decal on place and then aplying Micro Sol.

 When decals are set it is good time for some corrections, for example canopy shading. At this stage on the dark blue basecoat I apply following lighten (each) layers. It is good to add a drop of glaze medium which helps create more natural passage between tones.

The last step of a project was to coat a model with a satin varnish. I'm satisfied with a result.

Dudni woda dudni

Gdy potyczka ma miejsce na wsi do jej przedstawienia nie wystarczy pojedyncza chatka. Warto też zadbać o detale nadające klimat. Jednym z nieodłącznych elementów wiejskich jest studnia. Od pewnego czasu studnia taka znajduje się w ofercie Black Grom Studio.

Kilka elementów, kropla farby i piękny efekt.

Na wieś przydadzą się także ule.

Bzykające na łące

Detale "robią klimat" w grze dlatego dbam aby makiety w moim klubie wyglądały ładnie. Z wielką radością powitałem pojawiające się w ofercie Black Grom Studio ule. Te kolorowe skrzynki od pewnego czasu stanowią miłe uzupełnienie makiet klubu w Piasecznie