piątek, 22 maja 2020

B17G AiM - First look

After two months of lockdown the transatlantic cargo transport has been restored. Luckyly new models from Armaments in Miniature including brand new B17G - even not published on producer's webpage yet - have come.

Until now I've treated AiM models as fair plane markers for Blood Red Skies not very spectacular in terms of quiality and number of details. I have to say that new B17G set a new standard.

Firstly: the mouldings are very limited, there are literally two places demanding sanding: in the rear part of fuselage and on the engine number 2.

Secondly: it is common within resin models - especially the bigger ones that cast is a bit distorted and require streightening with hot water. Nothing like this concern new B17G from AiM

Last but not least: There are a good portion of well casted details as MG turrets, and numerous panel lines.

Only area to improve - that concerns all AiM models with radial engines - is a detail level of cylinders.

Having B17G looked around and sanded there is a time for painting. I would definietly share with you the modeling process of this model because it is worth it. Stay tuned!

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