czwartek, 6 lutego 2020

P47 - unboxing

Just received my copy of P47 by Warlord Games (in fact others too) and I have to say that I'm really impressed. The model looks really good. The quality of Warlord's resin cast is great. We have plenty of details (including engine), set of delicate panel lines on wings and fuselage, and only few mouldings on the sides. Additionally last but not least it stands straight on the original BRS stand. 

Having similar model by AiM I could compare them. See below the pictures (Dark Grey: Warlord Games, White: AiM).

Looking at the stats I can say that P47 is a kind of faster and better armed Wildcat with limited agility. Hopefully it is faster (a bit ) to Fw190 and similarly Robust.
At last I have a stats of my favourite fighter and I can unleash the great firepower of Jugs. 

P47D25 - Armaments in Miniature

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