poniedziałek, 19 sierpnia 2019

The cheapest tank on Earth

If you need something to support heavy bulks of infantry or cavalry but do not have many points, there is a solution for you: Renault FT17 light tank: 35pts for standard MMG configuration or 62pts for light anti tank gun turret version.

Of course there are some inconveniences connected with usage of this tank. In fact the vehicle is a bit slower than usual tank to be honest ... pitifully slow, but if you accept this, you will have perfect tank. Maybe ... almost perfect, because of one trick: "One man turret" which means morale test each time when shooting during Advance order. For more comfort I would suggest to buy a veteran crew (it is only 7pts more). I belive, this option is really good value for money.

I really like to play Renault FT17 as a support for my Poles. It gives me a lot of fun and let me spend saved points for even more infantry. And last but not least ... I have a real veteran tank in my army 😊

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  1. Great review Marcin :)
    I would kill for Soviet MS-1 (FT variant) for my EW Soviets.